Fleet Tracking

Fleet Tracking module allows visibility to your fleet activities within your Salesforce org. Once Fleet information streamed into Salesforce, users can visualize and run analytics on Vehicle and Driver information using the latest Lightning Experience UI.

The module is optimized for Lightning Experience and provide 3 starter custom objects – Vehicle, Vehicle Activity and Driver.

Vehicle custom object holds Vehicle information including the image that will be used in the UI. Vehicle’s current location is updated by an automated process when a new record is created. Vehicle Activity object holds all historical vehicle locations and other metrics.

Lightning Experience Ready

The module is built using Visualforce pages, Apex and Lightning Design System. The main page displays all available Vehicles and their status such as “Available” and “Enroute”. When you click on a vehicle, you see the vehicle details and its route history. You can also click on a driver icon to see real-time driver stats.

Google Maps

Salesforce provides Google Maps in their product environment. Visualforce Map component is used to display data in Geolocation field. The benefit of using this feature is you do not maintain a separate Google Maps licenses and usage.

Embedded Related Item Visualization

Vehicle Activities related list can be visualized in Google Maps to see where the vehicle has been and routes the vehicle has taken.

Here’s the list of Vehicle location history

Visualization in Map component


  • Date range filter for vehicle history
  • Archiving Vehicle Activity data
  • Integration with popular Fleet Management Software

If you are interested in introducing and customizing this module in your Salesforce org, please contact our Sales.

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