I had a neat experience of teaching a group of elementary students how to code.

My wife works at a French Immersion school as a teacher and they were doing this cool unit on programming. To prepare for our session, she got her students to do classroom surveys so that we can put the result data into Highcharts for visualization.

I went over the basic components like HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as concept of Arrays. They listened well and was slightly amused by my presentation. Success!

Hands-on time at the lab gave them a chance to enter the data by writing JavaScript code. I created a starting template in JSFiddle and they had to modify it with their survey data. Most of them got the hang of it and really liked how what they programmed showed on the screen instantaneously.

This lead me to reflect on my passion of coding and how after so many years, I still think it’s one of the coolest professions.

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