Joshua Creek Ranch

Blue Flame Software developed digital forms for Joshua Creek Ranch which allows their staff to quickly create quotes either on their desktops or tablets using Bid Sheet. A staff member can also keep track of meal items for each party during their stay via a Meal Form and can generate invoices and reports automatically.

All the information is also sync’ed with Joshua Creek’s Lodge-ical ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system so that staff members can get the consistent data across two systems.

Form Apps

Bid Sheet and Meal Form are built on Salesforce App Cloud Platform using Lightning Components and Pages. This technology was chosen for its strength in developing Single Page Applications.

The Forms implement the following features:

  • Package and Meal selectors with hierarchy categories
  • Create new Quote or Meal tab based on existing records in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)  back-end
  • Save without submitting to ERP and view list of all saved records
  • View all submitted records as read-only
  • Edit / Delete selected items and adjust prices and quantities
  • Package and sub-item association in Bid Sheet
  • Tax calculation


Bid Sheet and Meal Form apps integrate with Lodge-ical ERP using SOAP Web Service.

  • Client Lookup in Bid Sheet – In order to create a new Bid, the client list needs to be retrieved from Lodge-ical ERP. This is achieved via SOAP Web Service lookup methods. In order to avoid returning all clients, first name and last name search fields are provided.
  • Existing Reservation Lookup in Meal Form – Meal items are attached to an existing reservation. Therefore, reservations are searched using date range. Meal items are then attached to the retrieved reservation once submitted.
  • Submit to Lodge-ical – Once Bid Sheet and Meal Form items are ready to be submitted, user can click submit and the data get saved in Lodge-ical. If there are any issues, the user is prompted with a description of the issue and prompted to correct the issue.


We also provide ongoing support and maintenance to Joshua Creek Ranch. We monitor all sync activities and any remedy data issues. Also, we test all features prior to three major Salesforce upgrades.


  • Salesforce App Cloud
  • Apex Controllers
  • Web Services proxy classes generated by WSDL2Apex
  • Lightning Components and Pages
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • Bootstrap CSS