I couldn’t attend the last two meetups so I was determined to go this time. The topic interested me because I am a huge proponent of testing.

I’ve heard of Test-driven development methodology but ApexMock puts this approach into practical steps in Salesforce development world. Jesse Altman gave his off-site presentation and Radmila our Meetup host shared her coding / testing practice using Test-driven development. They both looked solid.

Afterwards, there was a discussion on overhead of this kind of practice and it was quite engaging. The core of the discussion was producing and maintaining more code to accommodate real unit-testing vs. less code overhead with out-of-the-box integration testing. It was also a matter of initial investment vs. pay as you go.

I can see the benefit of initial investment in a complex system with many moving parts and a large development team. This approach will also scale well so I don’t doubt that this is a best practice. However, it’s also interesting that Salesforce is promoting their advantage as shorter time to market. In my experience, you can’t have both.

I still need to chew on this for a while. Thanks to everyone for a thought provoking discussion though.

To learn more, check out the meetup page – http://www.meetup.com/Vancouver-Salesforce-Developer-Group/events/221541141/?a=cr1_grp&rv=cr1