Safe Step Walk-In Tubs

We were commissioned to build a Android Tablet app to streamline the sales process for Safe Step Walk-In Tubs, a successful Walk-In Tub dealer. Safety Specialists were using a paper heavy process and incurring costly courier fees for mailing contacts to the head office for processing. They were also relying on non-standard laptop computers to run their presentations. The Sales App includes the following highlighted features to streamline the sales experience with a prospect and to give better visibility to the head office:

  • Sales Checklist
  • Sales Presentation Analytics
  • Quotes
  • Questionnaire
  • Benefits Worksheet
  • Digital Signature
  • Integration with Order Management system

Sales Checklist

A visual checklist was developed to aid the Safe Step Walk-In Tubs, Safety Specialist in their sales process. A custom logic was built to ensure that all required forms are completed by the ‘Safety Specialist’ prior to submission for processing.

Sales Presentation Analytics

Prior to the App, the Sales Manager had no way of tracking the effectiveness of their sales presentation. Safety Specialists were using laptops with no integration which provided no analytics or accountability. We embedded presentation slides into the App and enabled tracking of all user interactions. This data provides the Sales Manager with information regarding the thoroughness of a presentation and can be used for further analysis.

Sales Checklist - Safe Step Walk-In Tubs - Blue Flame Software
Sales Presentation Analytics - Safe Step Walk-In Tubs - Blue Flame Software


Safety Specialists can build quotes in real-time during the walk-through with a customer. The customer can see the total based on their needs and view the different options available. At this time, Safety Specialists can offer price adjustments.


Safety Specialists can walk through a series of questionnaires to further discover customer’s needs and recommend the most suitable solutions.

Quote - Safe Step Walk-In Tubs - Blue Flame Software
Quote Additional Options - Safe Step Walk-In Tubs - Blue Flame Software
Questionnaire - Safe Step Walk-In Tubs - Blue Flame Software

Digital Signature

Customers can digitally sign the contracts using the Safety Specialists’ Android tablet.

Benefits Worksheet

Safety Specialists can educate the customer on cost vs. benefits using visual diagrams and worksheet calculations.

Digital Signature - Safe Step Walk-In Tubs - Blue Flame Software
Benefits Worksheet - Safe Step Walk-In Tubs - Blue Flame Software

Integration with Order Management system

Once all the required forms are filled out, Safety Specialists can submit the order for processing. The order records are first reviewed by the processing department and final submission sends all the form information with image assets to Safe Step’s back office system via Web Service API.


  • Android Native App
  • CodeIgniter PHP
  • Image Management in Amazon S3
  • Lead Perfection Web Services API
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • Bootstrap CSS