Maximize Your Potential with Salesforce

Salesforce Implementation and Customization

Leverage built-in features and visual development tools within Salesforce to translate your business process into a Software System. We can help you with basic to advanced configuration and development to meet your business’ needs.

Here are some of our capabilities:

  • Set up Users and Profiles
  • Training around Standard Features
  • Training around Standard Objects
  • Customize data entry process using Custom Objects & Fields
  • Enhance the data visibility using Formula Fields, Roll-up Summaries
  • Map out your unique data structure using Master-Detail and Lookup Relationships
  • Create and edit List Views
  • Customize data entry user interface using Record Types & Page Layouts
  • Build out custom business logic using Workflow Rules
  • Visually build business logic in Lightning Process Builder
  • Set up notifications to employees and customer via Email alerts
  • Ensure data cleanliness using Validation Rules
  • Manage data security using Role Hierarchy
  • Manage granular data security using Object & Field Level Security
  • Visualize real-time data and trend using Reports & Dashboards
  • Produce User Manuals for employee training
  • Gain further user buy-in through Training Videos
Salesforce Implementation

Custom Development

As your company outgrows the visual development tools of Salesforce and wishes to work outside of it’s constraints, we can help with that. We have more than 15 years of development using various programming languages such as Java, .NET, Python, Ruby and PHP. We employ traditional and new development processes to build robust and maintainable Apex code base in Salesforce.

Here are our development expertise:

  • Build dynamic Visualforce Page with Apex Controllers
  • Employ Lightning Design Systems in Visualforce Pages
  • Develop Apex Triggers for complex business logic
  • Develop utility Apex Classes used by other processes
  • Implement uni and bi-directional integration using Soap / REST Web Service
  • Develop Lightning Components to be used in Lightning Pages and Apps
  • Optimize Visualforce Pages for Salesforce1 Mobile App
  • AppExchange readiness with Managed Package
  • Assist with Salesforce Security Review
  • Administration’s Guide and Video
  • Developer’s Guide and Video