Salesforce is not just your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system… it can run your whole business.

It is an entire platform waiting to be manipulated and integrated specifically for your needs. Salesforce1 Platform gives you the ability to control and visualize your business processes, trend performances, engage with your customers and employees, and much more.

The uses of this platform are limitless. By leveraging the platform to develop and maintain custom applications, you can get more functionality in less time.

We can help you focus on:

Data Acquisition
You need your customers and employees to enter data correctly and efficiently. By using desktop and mobile forms, we make entering data easy as possible.

Data Visualization
Spreadsheets and detailed figures are important but harder to decipher. We provide data visualization solutions that help you make business decisions in a timely manner.

In my blog I share tips and tricks on how to develop custom components, view business data in various chart formats, and more.

Take a look… or better yet, contact me. I’m happy to connect.