SecureSign LOS (Loan Origination System)

SecureSign LOS is a Salesforce Managed Package App that allows Loan Agents to interact with Loan Applications, Applicants, Co-Applicants and Loan Request Submissions. We helped design, develop and test the App to be introduced to networks of Mortgage Advisors.

SecureSign and Salesforce Integration

SecureSign is a Cloud based software for Mortgage Advisors to interact with their customers. Advisors requests load applications to be filled out by customers via secure forms. If the sync connection is established with a Salesforce org, the application information is replicated in Salesforce to start the application process.

SecureSign and Salesforce Integration - Blue Flame Software

Loan Application

We built custom trigger to break up the Inbound data that originated from SecureSign system. All the standard and custom object records populated according to the custom logic. We implemented various flags and status for Mortgage Advisors to visualize their sales pipeline.

Loan Application - Blue Flame Software

Loan Requests

Each Loan Application may have multiple Loan requests to financial institutions for approval. Loan request form was designed to accurately capture and quality check the final requests. The form is pre-populated from related records and ratio and other factors are calculated upon Create / Update.

Loan Requests - Blue Flame Software

D+H Integration

Once the loan request form is properly filled out and all the ratio and rates are auto-calculated, Mortgage Advisor can submit the request for loan approval. As a final check, the data is submitted to D+H and then to financial institutions. This is achieved through Web Service API and Outbound data is submitted asynchronously.

Salesforce D+H Integration - Blue Flame Software


Many Mortgage Advisors are mobile and on the go. We configured and optimized the app for Salesforce1 experience. We ensured that the custom Visualforce pages have the look and feel of the Standard Page layout for seamless user interface integration.

Salesforce1 Visualforce Page - Blue Flame Software


  • Apex Controllers and Visualforce Pages
  • Apex Triggers
  • Metadata API
  • Validation Rules
  • Web Service Callout
  • Email Alerts and Templates