The good people at Traction on Demand invited me to their annual event as both a Salesforce customer and as someone in the industry. Traction on Demand is a Vancouver-based Salesforce Consulting / Technology company with over 140 employees. Overall, it was very well organized and engaging. They also provided food and drinks throughout the day.

The talks and discussions were more business oriented but it was good for me to come up for air and see what other people are doing in the industry.

Here were some of my takeaways:

Greg Malpass from Traction on Demand said with platform recently renamed to Saleforce1 Platform, anything is possible. I totally agree with that. It’s basically a robust app building platform that comes with so many features yet you can extend the features as much as your abilities will allow.

He also said with Salesforce it’s like riding a wave. He has more experience about surfing than I do so I take his word for it. You don’t want to be too far ahead of the wave or too far behind. There’s a sweet spot you need to keep finding and stay on it. I think this is a good analogy to keep in mind as Salesforce releases new technology early but not necessarily production worthy.

Another talk that popped out at me was from Paul Staelin from Birst. As you know, I am very interested in business analytics. In my experience, traditional Business Intelligence tools have so many layers for data to filter through and it’s always a resource-intensive undertaking. So any efforts to shorten that cycle would be greatly welcomed.

He also said something very interesting during Q&A: someone asked how Social Media data can be useful. He said unstructured data from Social Media and other channels can more effectively be used and interesting if it’s combined with structured data such as sales transactions or site visits. This is what’s in our product roadmap and it was good to get validation from someone who sees this pattern from his customers.

I will definitely be adding this event to my calendar next year and want to thank Traction on Demand team for doing a great job.

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