TransUnion for Salesforce

The Blue Flame team worked with TransUnion Canada and Verico Financial Network to develop a Salesforce native Credit Report app. Each Salesforce user is set up with a specific TransUnion account credentials and all Credit Report requests are routed for that account. The app is designed to be used either stand-alone or in conjunction with other finance related apps on the Salesforce platform.

Credit Report Request

The App user can request a credit report by creating a new Credit Bureau Request record. The new record screen is pre-populated from the parent Contact record. The more information the user can provide in this screen, the greater the hit rate for retrieving the correct report.

Credit Report Request by Blue Flame Software

API Call to TransUnion

We built the UI validation rules on the Credit Bureau Request page for the purpose of guiding the user to enter the information correctly. In addition, we implemented error handling and parsing logic for response coming back from the TransUnion Web Service API.

API Call to TransUnion from Salesforce by Blue Flame Software

Email Notification

We employ asynchronous Web Service callout. The request will be sent instantaneously upon the click of the user’s button. The request is queued in the Outbound Data custom object. Once the request is processed, the response and report output is updated in the Credit Bureau Request record. Finally, email notification is sent to the user who requested the report.

Email Notification by Blue Flame Software

Security Scan

We put every Managed Package app we built through the Salesforce security scan to ensure that we have followed the coding best practice and not accidentally open up security vulnerability via code.

Security Scan by Blue Flame Software


  • Apex Controllers and Visualforce Pages
  • Validation Rules
  • Web Service Callout
  • Email Alerts and Templates