VERICOForce – Salesforce Managed Package App

Verico Financial Group hired the Blue Flame team to develop VERICOForce, a custom version of SecureSign LOS (Salesforce Managed Package App). The scope was to integrate with Verico specific systems and implement business workflow for their licensees. Most of the features are replicated from SecureSign LOS but here are highlighted features that were added later.

Loan Application Conditions

One of the initial steps a Mortgage Brokers takes to start the application process is gathering conditions. An example of condition is a scan of applicant’s two years worth of tax returns. The list gives a full visibility to the broker which documents are provided by the client and which documents are outstanding. This feature helps brokers to be more organized and reduces the duplicate requests of the same document.

Loan Application Conditions - Salesforce - Blue Flame Software
Loan Application Conditions - Salesforce - Blue Flame Software

Role Hierarchy

We implemented role hierarchy across organization to allow managers to see all data across brokers. However, each broker can only view their own records. This feature was implemented and tested on all standard page layouts and well as the Visualforce page. The benefit of this set up is a manager/operator can have full visibility to their company’s pipeline providing them with the accurate information required to reward or assist his mortgage brokers.

Role Hierarchy - Salesforce - Blue Flame Software

Email Notification Rules

We built custom workflow rules to send email alerts to clients and brokers. We took advantage of HTML email templates for simple data retrieval and Visualforce templates for more complex data retrieval such as outstanding conditions.

Email Notification Rules - Salesforce - Blue Flame Software

License Management

VERICOForce integrates with VERICO’s Brokebase system. Each licensee is responsible for installing and managing VERICOForce Managed App on their Salesforce org. However, if a licensee no longer subscribes for the usage of the App, certain features are disabled.

License Management - Salesforce - Blue Flame Software - VERICOForce


  • Apex Controllers and Visualforce Pages
  • Apex Triggers
  • Metadata API
  • Validation Rules
  • Web Service Callout
  • Email Alerts and Templates
  • Custom Settings