You’ve done your homework speaking with friends, colleagues, hired spies to see what CRM your competitors are using, you’ve searched online and read reviews, you’ve even spoke with the sales people at Salesforce and finally came to the conclusion…Salesforce is the “must have” Customer Relationship Management system for your company…now what?

Salesforce is an amazing tool, it’s vast with many capabilities and once configured to your needs, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to do business without it.  You’re excited to see how Salesforce is going to increase your ROI but once you open the box…the home screen alone overwhelms you…you’re frozen with fear.  This is like looking at the inners of a watch…you just want to know the time…speaking of time…you don’t have time to figure it out.  The good thing is, you have paid for customer support, the bad thing is, you learn best by having someone onsite, tangibly training you and walking you through the process to configure Salesforce to meet your specific needs and workflow.

At this point you’re feeling a little buyers regret…wondering if all the money spent was a waste?  You’ve decided not to throw in the towel yet, maybe there is something on YouTube or a forum that will provide you with the required knowledge.  You’ve found some videos and forums but what the heck are they talking about…Visualforce, Lightning, Apex, API…what language is this?  Now you’re feeling really defeated but I urge you, don’t give up hope.

Blue Flame Software can be your onsite support.  We can work with you and your team to configure Salesforce to maximize your earning potential.  We can provide you with custom workflow videos as training manuals for you and your staff.  Blue Flame Software is a Salesforce Developer Certified company; we can help you with integration of third party software programs such as QuickBooks or with any advanced coding you may require such as custom forms with automation.

You haven’t wasted your money!  You’ll love Salesforce once it has been customized to meet your needs.  If your struggling and wasting man hours trying to figure Salesforce out…stop!!  Let Blue Flame Software help so that you can focus on what’s important; customer service, growth, profit and a positive work environment.

Blue Flame Software - Salesforce Developer Certified